12 June 2019

Gala Meritas 2018-2019

On June 6th took place the Centre’s first Gala Meritas, an award ceremony for the students who graduated in the last 12 months.  For the school year 2018-2019, we welcomed 14 groups in the following programs: 5 Carpentry groups, 1 group in Gestion d’une entreprise de construction, 2 Plumbing and Heating groups, 2 Commercial and Residential Painting groups, 2 Preparing and Finishing Concrete groups and 2 Welding and Fitting groups.  During the evening, we had 81 nominees that distinguished themselves in the following categories:  Perseverance, Improvement, Teamwork, Attendance and Participation.  A 5th category titled Women in non-traditional trades highlighted women who distinguished themselves with their strength of character, their confidence, their mastery of skills, and foremost, by their natural ability that demonstrates that gender no longer matters.  All these individuals were awarded an honorary mention that will show their future employers that they possess the qualities that are so important in today’s labour market.  Of these 81 nominees, 31 individuals stood out by receiving a Meritas trophy.

What’s more, an inspiring presentation was given by the well-known celebrity Hugo Girard who won the title of the strongest man in the world.

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