A whole range of services

A center has a very large number of services that contribute to the student’s academic success, as well as their growth and well-being.

Student for a Day


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Financial Aid

You may be eligible for financial assistance to complete a program of study or training.

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International Students

We are pleased to inform you that Construc-Plus Vocational Centre offers international students enrolment opportunities to certain training courses taught in English....

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Acquired Learning Skills

Recognition of prior learning and competencies is an approach that allows adults to gain formal recognition of their competencies against socially established standards,...

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SARCA : Services d’accueil, de référence, de conseil et d’accompagnement. (Reception, referral, counseling and support services.) SARCA is for people aged 16 and over...

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Additional Services

Complementary services are intended to support the adult in training with regard to his personal and social conditions. They include community resource information services....

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