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Before registering, it’s important to consult the start dates for the different training programs. Be sure to check if there are still available places, if there is a waiting list or if the course is full.

Registration ONLINE only.

To register, please click on your choice among the training courses listed below:

STC_4766_Carpentry: Skill Training Certificate | A duration 4 to 6 months

DVS_5819_Carpentry | A duration of 12 months approximatly

DVS_5843_Preparing and Finishing Concrete | Bilingual Training; a duration of 7 months approximatly

DVS 5833 Plumbing and Heating | A duration of 13 months approximatly

DVS_5695_Welding and Fitting | Bilingual Training, a duration of 14 to 16 months

DVS_5836_Commercial and Residential Painting | Bilingual Training, a duration of 7 months approximatly

AVS 5734 High-Pressure Welding | Bilingual Training

Health and Safety on Construction Site |


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and proceed with the payment.

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